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We are passionate working with:


We develop smart contracts for DAO projects and maintain a high degree of their reliability to ensure transparency of interaction between DAO members.


We cover almost any demands in DeFi infrastructure. We build p2p landing pages, develop
complex DEXs and assets tokenization platforms, work on staking, farming and fork protocols.


We solve tasks with NFT royalties and marketplaces development. We work on complex NFT projects for video games and more.

Embarking on Your Own Blockchain Project?

Venturing into the blockchain universe with your project? Assuredly, your team is in search of adept smart-contract developers. But what exactly are your primary considerations for development?

Seeking Developers Without the Hassle?

Finding the right team can be a daunting task. The conventional route involves hunting talent from other blockchain companies, paying for recruitment services, conducting numerous interviews, and the long wait for a potential candidate to accept your offer. Even then, there’s the onboarding process, competency checks, and the uncertainty of the new team member’s commitment to your company.

At Redsteep, we understand these complexities and offer a streamlined alternative. Simply share your project details and key tasks with us, and our expert team will be ready to commence immediately, offering time-efficiency and risk mitigation.

Time‑Poor and Lacking a Co‑Founder with the Necessary Skills?

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re in the right place. At Redsteep, we do more than just provide developers. We act as your technology partner. We delve into understanding your project, analyze it, and help design a technical solution to achieve your goals. Throughout our collaboration, we offer innovative ideas, monitor post-launch performance, and ensure your project thrives.

Neither Time nor Desire to Assemble a Diversified Team?

Scouting for front-end and back-end developers, smart contract creators, and then focusing on team-building can be a daunting task. At Redsteep, we are equipped to handle these responsibilities, providing a comprehensive solution to your project needs.

Founder vs. Developers: A Matter of Different Priorities?

It’s not unusual for founders and developers to have different focuses. While you, as a founder, are driven by financial goals, developers often adopt a formal, task-oriented approach, creating a potential communication gap.

At Redsteep, we bridge this gap. We understand that effective solutions are not merely technically sound, but should also positively impact your business, metrics, KPIs, and revenue.

An Important Milestone Looming on the Horizon?

Whether it’s an IDO, MVP launch, product release, or a new investment round, deadlines are critical. With Redsteep, we ensure not only to meet your deadlines but also maintain a structured process to avoid last-minute surprises.

We hold weekly demonstrations, engage in discussions, and maintain open lines of communication. Acting as your consultant, we offer solutions, critically analyze your initial assumptions, and maintain a thorough understanding of your project.

Concerned About Developers Managing the Task?

At Redsteep, we thrive on tackling complex challenges. Be it gas optimization, improving smart contract security, or conducting an in-depth analysis of cryptographic algorithms, our team loves tasks requiring comprehensive problem-solving. To view our portfolio of completed projects, please follow the link.

Our team members are seasoned professionals, fluent in English, and boast intuitive skills that can only be evaluated in practice. We understand your developmental challenges, quickly immerse ourselves in your situation, and are ready to demonstrate our competencies via a test task based on our understanding of your project.

Our competencies

Cross-chain bridges / DeFi applications / Decentralized exchanges / DAO / Smart contracts
Stablecoin development / Token emission /
Custodial wallets / Mobile apps for blockchain / Decentralized marketplaces / NFT marketplaces /
NFT auctions / Front-end, back-end development for blockchain-based projects





Binance Smart Chain
















React Native



Our projects

Domino: Building a High-Speed Blockchain with 100,000 TPS

Our task was: to develop a scalable and high-speed blockchain based on Solana, addressing the trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization.

Technologies used

Rust, Golang, C lang, Unit tests (both Rust and Go), TypeScript/ JavaScript, React, AWS

What was done:

  • Developed a new blockchain based on Solana with consensus mechanism
  • Developed Domino Virtual Machine and Smart Contract
  • Wrote deployment scripts and deployed the Domino blockchain on AWS.
  • Developed Blockchain explorer and a wallet app as both an APK and a browser extension
GameFi Social Media Platform Development

Our task was: to turn our client’s platform into a friendly, space where users can enjoy great content, interact with a community and even earn a bit from their engagement on the platform.

Technologies used

Solidity, C lang, TypeScript/ JavaScript, React, AWS, Swift

What was done:

  • Smart contract development for governance and utility tokens.
  • Three types of NFTs and a backend for the marketplace to facilitate transactions.
  • Successful audits from Certik and Pessimistic, solidifying the platform’s security and integrity.
The Next-Generation Zero Knowledge Solution

Our task was: to help our client create a next-generation Zero Knowledge solution for user identification within decentralized applications, which could then be distributed to the client’s partners for their own user verification.

Technologies used

PolygonID SDK, IDEN3, Solidity, Soul-bound token, Self-sovereign Identity

What was done:

  • Created a solution with the Self-Sovereign Identity model designed to simplify the verification process of each transaction, offering ease-of-use when used alongside the Metamask browser extension.
  • Enabled our client’s cryptocurrency partners to quickly check user info through a protocol, avoiding lengthy verification steps and increasing customer retention.
Lending protocol fork with MVP

Our task was: to create fork Aave with a simpler scheme for calculating interest on deposits.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • figured out with the Aave, there was a rather interesting correlation between % on a credit and a deposit, depending on the type of credit(static / dynamic) and the current percentage of the pool’s usage
  • proposed how to replace the interest calculation scheme with a fixed one
  • made a fork, finalized the code of smart contracts, covered all new scenarios with tests
NFT Marketplace

Our task was: to implement a marketplace for musical compositions on Metaplex/Solana with the possibility of various licensing schemes and automatic royalties upon resale.

Technologies used

Solana, Metaplex, Rust

What was done:

  • figured out how Metaplex works and designed a scheme for two types of licenses
  • finalized smart contracts for new requirements, developed tests
NFT Auction

Our task was: to develop an NFT auction with the ability to specify the minimum first bid, adjust the bid step and the duration of the auction from the moment of the first bid.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • develop an NFT auction with the ability to specify the minimum first bid, adjust the bid step and the duration of the auction from the moment of the first bid.
NFT+DAO for an online game community

Our task was: to increase the community engagement.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • developed contracts for mint pass and NFT, which give the right to vote in the DAO; funds from the sale of NFTs go to the general treasury of the community
  • developed contracts for creating proposals and voting for them
Audio NFT

Our task was: to run generative NFT with random audio tracks.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • developed contracts for Mint Pass and NFT
  • developed a script for generating resources
Other projects

BSC to Eth Bridge / Staking contract / NFT with lazy minting / Uniswap fork / Custodian wallet / Multisig wallet

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What our customers say

What our customers say

Our partners

Blockchain security, auditing blockchains, smart contracts and Web3 apps

Venture capital fund based in Dubai

Blockchain consulting, tokenomics, legal advisory

Fundraising and token management for early stage blockchain projects

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