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We are passionate working with:


We develop smart contracts for DAO projects and maintain a high degree of their reliability to ensure transparency of interaction between DAO members.


We cover almost any demands in DeFi infrastructure. We build p2p landing pages, develop
complex DEXs and assets tokenization platforms, work on staking, farming and fork protocols.


We solve tasks with NFT royalties and marketplaces development. We work on complex NFT projects for video games and more.

You have your own blockchain project?

Then your team probably needs smart-contract developers, right? And what exactly is important for you in terms of development?

Don’t want to spend your time on a difficult and long search for developers?

We understand it clearly. Because you can only hunt them from other blockchain companies, and then you have to pay the HR agency for recruitment services, waste a lot of time on interviews, wait until the candidate accepts your offer, integrate the new employee into your team and work process, check his/her competencies. And at the same time, there is no guarantee that your cooperation with the new team member will go well and the newcomer will remain in the company, and will not leave in a month, forcing you to go around this circle again.

Working with Redsteep, you get significant time savings and a reduction of such risks. Just tell us about your project and the key tasks – and our developers will provide you with their expert vision and will be ready to rock right from tomorrow.

You don’t have time to build your development, and also don’t have a co-founder with the appropriate skills?

In that case, it’s cool that you’re reading this, as we at Redsteep are not just providing you with experienced developers, but first of all we are your technology partner.

At the start of our work process, we figure your project out, analyze it. Further on, we help you understand, design a technical solution to achieve your goals.

During our work, we offer you the most effective ideas. We set up monitoring after the launch of the service we developed and follow up its performance.

Do you have neither the time nor the aspiration to search for several diversified employees for front-end and back-end development, design and development of smart contracts, and then to put your efforts into teambuilding?

Our team is ready to take on these tasks, Redsteep is about complex solution of your tasks.

You are a founder and you are about money, but your developers do not think commercially, they work with a purely formal, «performing approach», and therefore it’s often difficult for you to understand each other?

Yes, such complexity when interacting with developers is not uncommon.

We at Redsteep are also developers, but there is an important nuance – we think not only about the development process from a technical point of view, but first of all about your business, metrics, KPI, revenue.

We understand that the solutions we offer should not only be of high quality technically, but most importantly – effective for your business.

You’ve got an important upcoming milestone, such as an IDO, an MVP launch, a product release, or a new level of investment?

And it is important for you not only to meet the deadline, but also to be sure that a week before the deadline it will not suddenly turn out that the developers cannot complete the task.

The process of working with Redsteep is structured in such a way that we hold a weekly demonstration of what we have implemented, discuss the results, interacting with you and your team in any messenger suitable for you.

And at the same time, we are ready to be your consultant, constantly offering solutions and ideas, subjecting your initial assumptions to critical analysis. We always dive deep into our customers’ projects.

You are afraid that the developers will not cope the task, ain’t you?

Here’s what we’ll tell you about this – our developers literally adore dealing with complicated things.

For example, gas optimization, improving the security of smart contracts, deep analysis of cryptographic algorithms – our team is very fond of complex tasks that require deep immersion. You can see examples of Redsteep’s completed projects here.

Yes, all of our have developers’ team have many years of experience, professional intuition and fluent English. But we don’t see any sense in writing a lot about it here, because it can only be assessed in practice. We are well aware of your pains associated with development, quickly delve into your situation and are ready to start quickly, showing you our competencies by a test task within the framework of our understanding of your task.

Our competencies

Cross-chain bridges / DeFi applications / Decentralized exchanges / DAO / Smart contracts
Stablecoin development / Token emission /
Custodial wallets / Mobile apps for blockchain / Decentralized marketplaces / NFT marketplaces /
NFT auctions / Front-end, back-end development for blockchain-based projects





Binance Smart Chain











React Native

Our projects

Lending protocol fork with MVP

Our task was: to create fork Aave with a simpler scheme for calculating interest on deposits.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • figured out with the Aave, there was a rather interesting correlation between % on a credit and a deposit, depending on the type of credit(static / dynamic) and the current percentage of the pool’s usage
  • proposed how to replace the interest calculation scheme with a fixed one
  • made a fork, finalized the code of smart contracts, covered all new scenarios with tests
NFT Marketplace

Our task was: to implement a marketplace for musical compositions on Metaplex/Solana with the possibility of various licensing schemes and automatic royalties upon resale.

Technologies used

Solana, Metaplex, Rust

What was done:

  • figured out how Metaplex works and designed a scheme for two types of licenses
  • finalized smart contracts for new requirements, developed tests
NFT Auction

Our task was: to develop an NFT auction with the ability to specify the minimum first bid, adjust the bid step and the duration of the auction from the moment of the first bid.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • develop an NFT auction with the ability to specify the minimum first bid, adjust the bid step and the duration of the auction from the moment of the first bid.
NFT+DAO for an online game community

Our task was: to increase the community engagement.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • developed contracts for mint pass and NFT, which give the right to vote in the DAO; funds from the sale of NFTs go to the general treasury of the community
  • developed contracts for creating proposals and voting for them
Audio NFT

Our task was: to run generative NFT with random audio tracks.

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What was done:

  • developed contracts for Mint Pass and NFT
  • developed a script for generating resources
Other projects

BSC to Eth Bridge / Staking contract / NFT with lazy minting / Uniswap fork / Custodian wallet / Multisig wallet

Technologies used

Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat

What our customers say

What our customers say

Our partners

Blockchain security, auditing blockchains, smart contracts and Web3 apps

Venture capital fund based in Dubai

Blockchain consulting, tokenomics, legal advisory

Fundraising and token management for early stage blockchain projects

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Vladimir Shishov


Alexey Sukharev


Anton Melnikov


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